Wholesale CBD

This CBD wholesale program is designed to allow retail businesses, pharmacies, and entrepreneurs to join the fast-growing CBD Industry with a trusted brand. You can sell our High-End CBD products safe in the knowledge you are providing a safe, legal, and effective CBD product. Add our High-End Unique PCR CBD products to your business to increase your revenue with this leading trusted THC FREE Brand. Join this fast-growing, expanding industry now, and help others while you help yourself.

Wholesale CBD Program Benefits

Wholesale CBD Company Ireland

When you partner with us you get to sell High-End CBD products that are safe and ready to go. Our products are registered with the FSAI / HSE. These products have been tested under their supervision and care. During our import procedures, we have been tested by Forensic Science Ireland and cleared. We have registered the products with the IPU. This allows you to sell the products to more Health Stores and Pharmacies throughout Ireland. We have done the hard work so you can be assured you are getting Broad Spectrum, THC Free products that are legal to sell. This leaves you to concentrate on what really matters, which is the distribution of the products.

Buying wholesale from us means you get our unique packaging, information leaflets, and excellent customer service. You also get access to everything you see in our shop with excellent returns on your investment. We offer industry-leading, High-End THC Free products CBD Tinctures,  Softgels, Gummies and much more coming soon.

Driven By The Need To Help

I founded this company committed to providing High-End products with true world-class customer service for all my valued customers. My beginnings are rooted in my own search for CBD to help with my personal struggles. Having trouble finding anything but Sativa, EU based, inconsistent brands I decided to start my own company. My goal? To supply the world’s best THC-free, High-End CBD products. I found these products in the USA have gone through a difficult process to get them here. My supplier facilities are FDA and GMP certified. I am also a member of the National Hemp Association. I believe that everyone should have access to exceptional CBD products at reasonable prices, safe, legal products with reliable education and great customer service

Marc Garrett

Wholesale Application