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Whole Plant Extract

Chlorophyll and Wax

NOTE– Prime Spectrum has been informed by HYPRA that we are trying to sell or misguide the public into thinking that CBD is a medicine. We have never stated it was or is. The Government continues to mislead the public and try to sell off this industry to Pharma. Ireland is the biggest Pharmaceutical Hub in the EU and one of the most corrupt nations when it comes to stealing from its people. Everything from our roads, national lottery, electricity, to our oil and gas has, been sold to private cooperation’s.

We have been hounded by HYPRA to change words and or sentences because they CLAIM we are trying to mislead the people of Ireland. How much further from reality could this be.

Like most things in life nowadays, “It is for your protection” as clearly people have lost the capability to think for themselves.

We get asked questions about certain items and we do our best to reply. The opinions in this blog and all our blogs are just that, opinions based on experience and the industry. HYPRA, it seems, want to make sure they aid shutting down companies like mine down under the disguise of “Public Protection” . It is an endless fight between FSAI , HYPRA and the corrupt to try and earn an honest living.

Please ignore the coincidence that blogs like these get viewed by tens of millions of people all around the world and they are found to be informative.

CBD is a Food Supplement used by millions of people around the world for personal reasons. Any benefits you may get from CBD are merely coincidence or placebo………………………………………………

HYPRA advices that you should stick to Pharmaceutical Medication that is approved by them and consult your doctor. After all, Pharmaceutical companies have your best interests at heart and nothing that comes from nature is of use. ………………………

You will see the term “Whole Plant Extract” a lot in the CBD industry. The industry revolves around the core of being all-natural and offering natural alternatives to synthetic pharmaceuticals. It is natural that you would want to maintain as much of nature as possible. This is indeed the way to go however there are some parts of the plant that are not included in high-quality CBD, Hemp Oil products. They are not removed as they are poisonous or dangerous for consumption. They are removed for very simple and logical reasons.


Chlorophyll and wax are removed from Prime Spectrums CBD products. It may make the process a bit more time consuming and more expensive however it increases the quality of our CBD / Hemp Oil products.


Chlorophyll is not harmful to the body. It is the substance that gives the plant its pigment or colour. It is present in the plant to allow it to soak up the sun and this gives the plant to the ability to break down and use the nutrients it needs to survive and grow. Chlorophyll allows the plant to produce oxygen that can be released back into the environment. The more of this substance that is present within the plant the more greener the plant will be.

It is for this reason that you can tell if your CBD / Hemp product has chlorophyll in it as if it is present your product will have a greenish tint to it. Prime Spectrum CBD Products / Hemp Oil does not have chlorophyll in it for one very simple reason. Chlorophyll in this manner, to the majority of people, does not taste great. It has a very overpowering earthy taste to it and we feel you should be able to enjoy taking your CBD / Hemp oil products and not be making cringy faces when you do. This is why you will see that our products are clear or in a golden clear color.


Hemp and cannabis plants contain wax in them. These are not dangerous but can be in other plants. We use sweat to protect our bodies from overheating and burning. Hemp and Cannabis plants use wax in the same manner. It stops them from getting burnt and also allows the plant to maintain its moisture level as the water cannot evaporate. This wax becomes an issue if you want to maintain a high-quality CBD /Hemp Oil. It can make your oil very thick and sticky which is not good for many reasons.

If this oil was used in CBD Vaping your coil and CBD Vape pens would be clogged and damaged. It also makes the oil harder to work with and if you are using it for edibles and tinctures however it is used in concentrate and dabs.

A Quick Guide To Co2 Extraction In Hemp Plants

This is an extremely complicated manner and it can be costly if not down correctly. The industry uses cold press, solvent, and or C02 extraction to get the raw hemp extract from the plants. Once this is done you are left with everything else, from chlorophyll, wax, cannabinoids, terpenes to unwanted plant materials and substances. A higher-end CBD / Hemp oil product will go through further filtration processes to ensure that –

  • All unwanted plant material is gone
  • The chlorophyll is removed
  • All the unnecessary wax is removed
  • Other impurities are removed.
  • Prime Spectrum CBD / Hemp oils go through another process to remove the THC.

All of the above is done while still maintaining the CBD and terpene profile. The product batch is then sent to get tested for solvents, heavy metals, impurities, and the quality of the oil is verified.


It is not necessary to remove the waxes and chlorophyll from the product however we believe at Prime Spectrum it is certainly worth the extra time and money to ensure you the customer receives the best product on the market.


What is Full Spectrum Hemp Extract?

Fullspectrum hemp extract is a pure extract of the hemp plant, including all 120 odd CannabinoidsTerpenes, and Flavonoids. This also includes the THC element. Further filtration and manufacturing are needed before it is ready for consumption.

What are Flavonoids?

Flavonoids are polyphenolic molecules containing 15 carbon atoms and are soluble in water. They provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects and are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables.

What is the difference between Isolate CBD and Whole Plant CBD?

With CBD isolates, you receive only 1 cannabinoid (Cannabidiol – CBD) out of the 120 odd in the Hemp plant. The whole plant provides everything the plant has to offer from CBD to the terpenes and everything in-between.

What methods are used to filter the Raw/Whole plant extract?

CO2 extraction is the most common. You can also use other solvents like ethanol and cold press extraction. Some companies use a mixture of the above methods.

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