White Label CBD

With Prime Spectrums Private Label CBD Partnership Program you can start your own CBD business and profit from the rapidly growing CBD industry. You can help yourself while you help others. This is an ever-changing industry and there are many obstacles to overcome. This alone can be very daunting. We have the experience to help you from start to finish.

Here are some more ways we can help you with launch your CBD business:

#1 White Label / Private Label PCR CBD Program In Ireland

Prime Spectrum is here to help. We want you to succeed. We have gone through the process. It is not easy starting a business. Starting a CBD business is even tougher. When you partner with us you gain instant access to all our knowledge, our industry-leading expertise, and our world-class customer service.

Did you know –

  • That not every CBD product is allowed to be sold in Ireland?
  • That you have to work with the FSAI / HSE and register?
  • That your Labels have to meet certain standards?
  • Importing High-End CBD products from outside the EU is extremely difficult?
  • That receiving payments for your CBD SALES can not be done by normal means?

The above are just some of the many issues you have to deal with. Not to mention securing a bank account, an accountant, a label designer/printer, branding, and even picking a website platform. We can save you a lot of time and money. With our help, you could set things up correctly and legally. We have secured a legal, safe High-End PCR hemp line of products that can be securely delivered to Ireland. You don’t have to worry about Revenue, Custom Agents, VAT & Duty, or an EROI number. If you want to set up for long term success, then look no further.

Our CBD Goals For You

I want the CBD Industry to thrive in Ireland. I am looking to make a sustainable business whilst I help others with their CBD needs. Prime Spectrum is known for its High-End PCR Hemp line of products. It is an established, safe, reliable and trusted Brand. The majority of the Irish is Sativa based. With me, you get a unique product that allows you to stand out from the rest of the market. My Customer Service matters and you will see what I mean when you work with me. The products I use are High-End but at reasonable prices. The more I purchase, the more I save and all these saving go back to the customer and my partners.

With the VAT increase here, many shops and companies are struggling. If you are looking for more purchasing power to make savings, apply below. If you want to create a long term business and help others, apply below and let us get your CBD journey on the path to success.

White Label Application