CBD Oil for Pets



Every pet is unique just like every human. We do not make any claims about CBD for humans and your pets are the same. However, the impacts that we humans experience from CBD, our animals can experience also when they receive from a Premium source. We understand the love you have for your pet and due to the overwhelming demand for these products, we have brought you a selection of CBD Oils and A CBD Beef treat for your pets.
These pet supplements are the perfect way to make sure your pet stays in. peak performance, mentally and physically.
Our pet products are crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as our products for humans because we believe your furry friends deserve the absolute best. Your pet is apart of your family and we know you want the best for them.
Keep your friend fighting fit with Prime Spectrum CBD.
CBD Oil for Pets
All our pet products have Zero THC in them 0.0% and are all-natural.

How Do I Give My Pet Their CBD Dosage?

Both of our pet products are designed for oral consumption. Formulated with a beef flavour dogs love, our CBD Dog Treats can be given to your pets just like a regular treat. CBD Pet Tincture can be put directly in your pet’s mouth or mixed in with their favourite food.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

The amount of CBD Oil Pet Products you give your pet depends your pet’s size. While specific guidelines have not been established, it’s typically recommended to give pets 1-5mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. That being said, we give your pet as much attention as we give you so please get in touch and let us help you pick a product to suit your pet’s needs.

How Do I Use CBD Products?

Prime Spectrums Pet CBD Pet Products should be given to pets orally when needed or as directed by a member of our team.

Treats can be given like a regular treat, while tinctures can be placed directly in your pet’s mouth or added to their food.


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