Our Mission

Buying quality assured CBD Oils in Spain and Ireland can be difficult. Being a user of CBD and looking at the industry as a whole in Spain,  Ireland and the EU, it was clear to see that the industry was flooded with Isolate and Sativa (Industrial Hemp)  products. There are varied standards of service and products with many suppliers sending mixed messages. It was highly confusing for the consumer. This will happen in an unregulated market as people try to cash in on the “Next big thing”. Unfortunately for the customer, this hasn’t changed much.

When you search for CBD you will find many legal, and more worrying, many illegal suppliers. Each supplier will claim they had the “Best, Premium, Number 1, Most Pure product on the market. This is natural and is advertising 101. I fell into this trap myself and spend hundreds on different products. Have you found that after a while the product stopped working or you needed to take more of it?

I personally hated not knowing if what I was buying would work. It was frustrating not knowing if it was just some fancy tasting oil in a jar or if it was even safe to use. The fact I was relying on CBD to help me get off the Pharmaceutical medications made me look deep into the Irish and EU space. I wanted to find something I could depend on and something that I knew was safe. This is how Prime Spectrum was created.

Prime Spectrum High-End CBD Oils

When I decided to enter this industry I looked at what everyone else was doing so I  could to do it better. Everyone was using the same Sativa products and placing crazy mark ups on them. It may surprise you that many of the brands in Ireland and the EU come from the same few companies located abroad. Suppliers just buy from the larger company, products that are “White/Private Label” and place their own branding on them. Don’t take my word for it. With a little research of your own, you can trace back many if not all the CBD brands to the suppliers. Even if you look to the USA, Canada or China you will be directed to their sister companies in the EU because many have set up distribution networks here in Ireland and the EU. With all of this information, I decided to do the following:

Standing Out From The Rest

I made sure the hemp our supplier uses was different and of better quality. Phyto-Cannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp is a better quality to Sativa. If grown and produced correctly it can have up to 10 times the cannabinoids of its nearest rivals. A significant improvement to other suppliers.

Growing Conditions

Many Sativa Hemp producers grow their Hemp outdoors. We all know what the Irish weather is like and Cannabis/ Hemp doesn’t like to be grown this way. Inconsistent weather equals and inconsistent product. The PCR Hemp my suppler uses was grown in pots at the start indoors. The plants were then moved to plots outdoors in suitable conditions and weather to mature because this then ensures the Hemp is full of naturally occurring cannabidiols and terpenes.

I looked at the production methods of our supplier and made sure it was of the highest standard. The company that supplies me is GMP CERTIFIED. This ensures that the product is of the highest standard. From seed to shelf, you know what you are getting and how it got there.

Zero THC

We wanted to ensure our products had Zero THC which is the illegal part of the plant. This would ensure our products were legal to buy and use and available to the masses. Customers didn’t have to worry about adverse reactions to THC or if they were in a profession or industry where drug testing was mandatory they could rest assured they are safe with us. There are many products right now that are illegal in Ireland due to the current laws and people are unknowingly placing themselves and their jobs at risk.


If you look at the market you will see many extremely overpriced 10ml bottles. I decided to supply High-End CBD oils in Ireland in 10ml and also other variations and very reasonable prices. As a user of CBD, I understand that you want to look after your family and yourself but you don’t want your pocket picked in the process. Compare the quality of the product and the price to others and you will see why Prime Spectrum is growing so fast.

Cannabis CBD, Cannabidiol leaf with CBD title and formula - Legal cannabis - banner green background

More Reasons We Stand Out


When you also see that our products are made to be more bioavailable to your body, you can be assured you are getting supreme value for your money. This bioavailability is a very unique feature of the CBD industry in Ireland and the EU and it means you should be buying your products on a monthly basis and not weekly. I do realize this means you will use less of our products to get the same results. You will have more of it you won’t be coming back every other day to buy from us and this is the point. I have confidence in the purity and quality of our products.


You can rest assured that I do my best to only provide you with nothing but factual information and this will help you understand what you are taking and why you are taking it. If you have a question, you can always ask me.  I also found it very difficult to get good customer service and as a result of this experience, I am committed to giving the client a 5-star  pre, during and after-sales service.

Registered and Legal

The Irish market is unregulated with many suppliers and companies failing to register with the FSAI. The consistency of the products supplied to the consumer can vary dramatically from month to month. We can assure you that every time you buy a product from us it will look, taste and do exactly what it did the first time. If you aren’t happy, send it back to me and I will provide you with a full refund. I am confident in the in house testing of our supplier because our products have been fully screened for heavy metals, pesticides, purity, and quality. These results are freely available. Combine this with the fact we have registered our Brand brand with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland / HSE you can rest assured you are getting what you pay for.

I Use What I Supply

As I stated above, I need CBD in my life. Without CBD I would not be able to sleep correctly. I would be back in my negative way of life which involved plenty of anxiety and stress. I was taking Pharmaceutical medications like clonazepam and various serotonin blockers for depression. Taking uppers and downers with no lust for life is no life. CBD has helped my life in many ways and I want it to help others too. I want others to live a happier and healthier life like me.

To Conclude