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A large number of Irish CBD products were recalled and pulled from the shelves recently. They all failed as they had traces of THC in them. Late last year the FSAI in conjunction with the HSE carried out testing on all CBD companies they could find nationwide. Prime Spectrum CBD was among them and I received these results on 13-FEB-2020. All my products continue to be available as they meet the standards set down by the agencies.

Let’s be clear

I have not looked at the other companies’ test results but I think it would be safe to assume that these products are not widely over the limit due to the 0.2% THC laws that are in place in the EU. As of May 2019 any products found to have ANY trace of THC in them are illegal under the misuse of drugs act. The companies that are supplying the now-banned products are technically breaking the law and this is why they were taken off the shelves. There is, of course, the unnecessary drama being introduced to this issue by the media and in this article about people at risk of failing drug tests. You would really need to be taking an awful lot at 0.2% THC to fail a test.


In many ways, I am extremely happy to see the FSAI checking on on the companies to make sure everyone is compliant with the laws. However, for the 38 companies that were tested, I can assure you that there is nearly double that online selling freely and openly, that are not getting tested. These are the companies that are not registered with the FSAI. I also feel that this is the start of a bigger range of actions. The FSA in England, earlier this week is threatening to remove all CBD products from the market within 1 year as the Novel Food Act Scam plays out over there. I hope this is not the start of the Irish Authorities trying to close down the SME’s to make way for the corporates and Pharmaceuticals.

Brands Recalled


Here is the FSAI survey and here is a list of brands that were recalled.

  1. uHemp
  2. Canabidol
  3. Green Light
  4. CB1 Botanicals
  5. CBDfx
  6. Provocan
  7. Eco CBD
  8. Extreme Labs
  9. Four Five CBD
  10. Hempful by Nature
  11. Jacob Hooy
  12. NICBD
  13. Plant Of Life
  14. Voda
  15. Little Collins
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